Monday, April 07, 2008

Papa to the rescue

We have a bit of a mad week ahead of us. It is Al's birthday at the end of the week and so we have 20 or so people coming to have (a wheat free, egg free, nut free) morning tea with us. This includes Gaye's parents who arrive on Friday to stay for the weekend.

Thomas' Dad is working this week - long hours. And so we are responsible for getting him to and from school each day and ensuring he has lunch in his bag and fitting in an orthodontist appointment, band practice on wed morning, clarinet tutor this afternoon, section tutoring after school on Tuesday, soccer training on Tuesday night (which means dinner at 5 before we go) and to throw in a bit more excitement the school Art Show which he has been preparing for all term, oh and homework. Plus I have a job interview (in the middle of the day on Wednesday)which is going to require a reasonable level of preparation because I would actually like to do okay, Al has his one year check up at the paediatrician and we are in middle of a very gentle teach to sleep process which involves us being up and down a bit during the night, Gaye has an essay due at the end of the week (and one next week) oh and Lightning is booked in for a groom and needs a couple of walks everyday.

Could someone please explain to me when we are meant to fit in my 'full time' and Gaye's 'part time' employment.(the '' are because although in theory I work full time and Gaye works part time we probably both work about the same amount as my job is a bit easy and she loves hers and so works too much!). Luckily the day light saving has meant we are all up at the crack of dawn to fit in the ironing, washing and whoever was up with Al having a bit of a sleep.

Thank goodness Dad has put his hand to hang around with us for an extra few days as he was coming up to see his brother who is passing through town on his way back from O/S. We have signed him up to cover all sorts of 'cross-over' baby and big boy care, he is also planning on oiling our deck. We love Dad coming to stay, he fits in and demands nothing from us and just generally helps out.

He doesn't much look like a superhero - but I am pretty tempted to get him a cape.

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