Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Showing off

Last night we went to the new school's Art Show. Old school had an art
show too and I remember really enjoying it the first year. There was
music and the kids had done some Art it was kinder it was hard to tell
the quality or effort that had been put into the work.

Last yearwe went to the Art Show - which is held late in the year. And the music
from Mr C (who is the principal and has to be related to the other Mr
in Summ*r He*ights High for the Australian's in the audience) band was
so loud the baby sobbed the whole time and most of the adults ended up
on the street outside the hall so we could speak to each other.

Asthose of you who have actually read this blog know I became increasingly dissatisfied with the old school and its focus on the young too cool teachers over my period there. They were hard tofault as they worked hard and were enthusiastic but unfortunately it just didn't make up for experience and skills. Not to mention the focus always being on the teachers (and from time to time their partners) rather than the kids.

Last night at new school I realised that my dissatisfaction was warranted.

We had a gorgeous display of kids art which the kids had worked on for a number of weeks (Thomas outlined the design and production phases in detail last night), the concert band played two pieces which they had clearly practiced the choir sang two songs. It was well executed and well done. The focus was on the kids achievement (with an appropriate level of thanks to the music teacher). It was fabulous. It was timely.
It was fun.

yay for new school.

The best thing is how happy Thomas is there. I am not sure if it is a maturity thing or if being in such a large school has removed the pressure from him (he who stood out from the crowd at old school is just one of the crowd at new school). I am not sure if it is having lots of subject choice, new friends or an experienced and skilled teacher who encourges and contains. But he is really happy, and our thrice weekly coversation about how he really thinks he would like a day of school has become so irregular I couldn't even tell you how often it ocurs. Papa has really noticed the changes too.

Yay for new school.

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Lo said...

I love your new template!! What a cutie pie he is!!!

And so glad Thomas is happy at new school. :-)