Wednesday, April 16, 2008

looking after oneself

Thomas is having a completely fabulous time with my parents and his cousins. I have just rung this morning and been told to ring back later after he has been to the park. They are heading off to a major Canberra park with a great playground and planning a sausage sizzle lunch.Excitement plus.

My mum rang laughing last night to tell me that he had repeatedly told her how he 'had to look after himself' on this holiday. Apparently the conversation went like this yesterday afternoon.

'Hey Paule, I have to look after myself this holiday.'
"Yes darling I know, you are looking after yourself beautifully'
"Yes Mum isn't here so I have to look after myself"
"Yes darling'
"Hey Paule could you get me an apple juice with some ice in it please?"

I guess knowing to ask is in a way looking after himself ....

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