Tuesday, April 15, 2008

one of those moments

Today I have dropped Thomas off with my Dad who met us halfway to Canberra which is where Thomas is going to spend the rest of this first week of his school holidays.

He is thrilled, excited and joy-filled at the very thought of the next days and nights with Grandparents and cousins and without parents. This is the first time we have done
this and I feel really comfy because he is just so comfy with the idea. In fact it was his idea.

As we were driving along I repeated what I had said earlier in the week - if you get worried or concerned just ring I am happy to come down and stay with you if you need me to. He answered as he has each time 'Mum, that is so not going to happen'

So big, so independent, so grown up.

Mind you - he also came and hopped into bed this morning joining Al who had come in around 4:00am for a snuggle and in my half sleep half awake state my mind was wandering around. I just felt so happy lying there with Thomas snuggled in, his feet twisted around my ankles the way they have twisted amongst my limbs most mornings for the last 9 plus years and Al cuddled up on the other side of me his lips pursed clearly dreaming of milk and Gaye fast asleep on his other side. And the thought came to me that this was one of those moments that stay with you that might come back when I am old and lying in bed somewhere. A feeling ofcontentment and peace.

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