Friday, May 30, 2008

And over this too

It all came together for me earlier this week when my boss told me I had put the commas in some figures wrong (again) that my ongoing headaches might actually not be to do only with the other health issue but to do with my eyesight.

So I took myself off to the optometrist and what do you know I need glasses for reading and computer work. Gaye assures me that this is a fabulous thing, as she loves the look of glasses. But I am feeling…well, old.

Not helped by the fact that the bloke who tested my eyes referred a number of times to my age. As in ‘when women get to your age’ and ‘women of your age group’ and ‘once you get to a certain age.’ I turn 40 this year! Humph!

I feel much older today. In fact I have felt old and worn for the last month or so. I am off to the doctor today about the other health issue. I really don’t like my choices – fat, headaches and decreasing energy (no drug) or much less fat and nauseous (with drug). Essentially my body without the drug believes I am pregnant.

Basically I swing back and forward to getting so fat I can’t bear myself (which is where I am now) and so I go and get a new script for the drug. There I sit for a year or two taking it and then I get so over feeling nauseous that I give up the drug. It isn’t a good set of choices and since no other treatments have seemed to help it is just one of the things I manage (by having broad sized wardrobe) and luckily a patient partner!

On the plus side Thomas was with me yesterday. He helped pick my glasses (go black and square Mum they are cool)


Susoz said...

On your other health issue, which sounds hormonal, have you tried acupuncture and chinese herbs? That might be an alternative to your two options.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I randomly got to your blog, and then read it. As you do.
The exact same thing happened to me when I turned 40, and again when I had problems with my thyroid. The specialist told me some of the symptoms were menopause(!!??) which happened 'at my age.'
Blokes say the most stupid things.