Monday, May 05, 2008

constant raving

On Saturday night Gaye and I went out to see the lovely and amazing kdlang. I know I know we are living up to all sorts of stereotypes but the woman can really really sing. We weren't going to to go - although we wanted to - cause the tickets were expensive and we thought it was a bit extravagant. But then this was in the paper and we saw there were still tickets so we did it.

I am so glad we went. Her voice was amazing, amazing, amazing and the whole feel was soothing and fun and easy. Plus as we walked away from the house at 7:45pm weadmitted to each other that for the first time in since Al was born neither of us was feeling worn out to tired to go out really or worried about leaving him.

Al is sleeping like an angel - I am talking two solid sleeps each day and 11 - 12 hours of maybe broken once sleep at night. It istruly amazing how different we all feel. Thomas had tried to get us to leave earlier - 'I wish you two would go and let me and Auntie Lou get on with it.' So we did, leaving them to their chocolate eclairs and dvd.

Her songs have been running like the maple syrup they are through my mind all through yesterday. Lovely. Lonely. Lovely.

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