Thursday, May 01, 2008

Long cut

We took what Thomas calls the 'long cut' to school this morning. Walking instead of riding as I thought that the combination of dog and baby on the bike might be a bit much for me and the dog got short shift yesterday in terms of walks so I thought we should make it up to him.

I really like walking or riding to school and now Al has his very own wee rider on the bike the four of us have taken the odd social ride on the weekend with the dog with one adult, baby with another and Thomas riding along in front usually chatting away non-stop.

I have had the same bike for close to 20 years. I spent $800.00 on it 20 years ago and the first time I got on it was a revelation to me. Anyway this weekend I rode my sisters bike which is new and could not believe how comfy it was and immediately demanded that all of my extended family should give me a new bike for my upcoming 40th birthday.

I dropped into my new bike shop on my way back from dropping Thomas at his Dad's the other morning - they were heading out for a surf crazy buggers don't they know it is freezing? - and the bloke there convinced me that my bike is in fact a "classic" and so I am taking it in for some work including a new stem and seat...we shall see.

I have been off work for most of this week, the combination of a sinus infection and exhaustion I think. I am completely over my job and have been for sometime. I applied for a 'dream job' about a month ago and got an interview. I felt so pleased with myself for getting the interview as the position is a significant one in the area which I have worked in for the last 15 years and so was pretty horrified when I stuffed up the interview - a combination of nerves and out of practice I think. So gave up on the whole idea. It was pretty weird to find out they had rung one of my referees about a week later and I began to get my hopes up. it is all a bit odd now - as they left two messages for my other referee but have not returned her three calls and I haven't heard a thing. Government moves slowly at times - but this slowly?

Anyway - having me at home for the best part of the week as been pretty lovely (for us all) I think. We have assumed our 'natural' selves in someways as Gaye has worked alot - which she loves. And things, with full-time not working at home parent, have been pretty smooth at home. Thomas is with us all week as his Dad is working again but it has been so easy with someone with no other responsibilities - even while we have been doing baby boot camp. It has reminded me how much I do like this.

So I have decided to no longer fight Gaye's ongoing suggestion that she works full time and I start looking for some interesting, not to badly paid but mainly not overly stressful part-time work and be the mostly at home one. Sounds pretty fabulous huh! Guess we will be taking the long cut a bit more often Thomas, Al and I.

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elissa said...

This sounds like a lovely option. I am certainly enjoying being more of the family carer (I was going to say 'at home'one but then realised we are both 'at home'). Making that connection to the family permanent has really taken a weight off my mind. I hope you get your dream job.