Thursday, May 15, 2008


I am very - as Thomas would say - sicited because Cali is making me a new header. I am not all that creative - at least in the design way, I am a creative cook and I like to look at creative things. I am surrounded by creative people - artists, architects, writers and musicians make up my oldest and dearest friends. But for myself I am unable to feel confident about doing much more than the kids birthday invitations and the photo albums.

Cali is trying to raise her self some funds for her journey to motherhood while being the devoted and dead funny carer or her grandmother. So I am more than happy to leave the creative to the creative.

She works 'fastly' - Thomas again - and has already sent me a pretty fabby mock-up. I just forgot to tell her I don't (as in really really don't) like pink (except on my friends children!)...

So be prepared to enjoy our all new look in the coming days ...

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