Tuesday, May 20, 2008

working from home

I am 'working from home' this morning which actually means I am on Al duty until 1:00and then I will work on the work I should be doing at work tonight at home. Gaye is working and studying all the hours of the day and night and Al has been unwell with a cold so we are back to the beginning in the night time sleeping stakes - thou he is sleeping well during the day (possibly because he is so tired from his night time activities).

We went to Canberra for the weekend and stayed with my folks while Thomas attended my niece's 10th birthday. Gaye and I sank into the comfy couches of a beautifully warmed house and ate roast lamb cooked with veggies and pomegranate from my mother's garden.

Whenever we go to Canberra (now that my mother has come over all pretty comfy with the whole lesbian thing) we relax and feel taken care of. Gaye always really looks forward to visits to my parents. She calls it respite as they do look after us. I look forward to it less - as I am still a bit resentful at my mother's interaction with me over the past few years.

We also have discussion about what it would be like to live in a house the size of my parents with access to huge parks and tracks of land all around them for kids to play and bike ride. Mind you at my brothers equally large and very closely located house I don't get the same sense of peace - which brings me to the conclusion that it is actually more about the lack of having kids with their toys, bikes, scooters and need for constant feeding that actually brings about the peace in my parents home. After a bit thou I miss the noise and mess and chaos and am pretty happy to get home.

Anyway - since the boy is sleeping I should do some work. I am really posting because I got my new header from Cali and wanted to put it up and suggest that if anyone is creatively useless as me they should go ahead and click on that button down there on the right and get her to work on one for you.

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Elissa said...

Love the new header, it's a bit 50s retro and a bit noughties techno. Well done you.
We are off to my Mum's new flat tonight. Although she only really started unpacking yesterday, I have little doubt that when we visit tonight it will be calm and homely. I love going to houses of parents who have only grown up kids. I get to relax and be coddled. Just like you and your lamb with pomegranate