Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Sick and churning is how I feel…My lovely Dad and my boys Papa has just gone in for 5 hours plus of surgery as they have found a tumour in his bowel. Dad is a pretty emotional man and there has been more than one tear shed and shared this morning and in the last few days at the thought of him going under the knife. Dad has always been convinced that he wouldn’t live past 62 – the age both his father and grandfather died. He turned 65 last week, and my sense is he thinks he had more of a run than he expected.

There is no need – at this stage - not to be hopeful we won’t know if it is cancer until after the operation, but the other tests have come out well and so I am pretty confident. But it is major surgery and his recovery will be slow. He is expected to have at least 10 days in hospital, and at least 3 of those in intensive care. He has been calm and brave at the thought of his recovery and potential ongoing treatment.

I am so lucky to have a really good and straightforward relationship with my Dad. It wasn’t always this way. But we really sorted through any odd and leftover childhood dynamics and drama in my mid 20s. And now our relationship is strong and mutually supportive. I really enjoy hanging out and spending time with my Dad and he has stayed with us regularly. I really love my Dad and he is a real and positive presence in my life and my boys lives.

I am thinking of my Dad right now …


Suze said...

I hope he comes through it well.

Lo said...

Thinking of your dad, too.