Wednesday, June 25, 2008

All the way to the dog park

We took a lovely long ride with Thomas, Al and Thunder - the dog - today. We rode from our place to Cafe Bones about 8kms return we think. This was a big effort as Thomas has been pretty scared of bike rides since he broke his arm the second time and Al hasn't gone on the wee rider for anything longer than short trips.

It sort of went like this, Thomas in the front taking his role of road and car checker V seriously, discussing issues of the world as he rode along. Next came Gaye with Al in the wee rider trying to answer major life questions while not riding to close because one can never tell when there will be a quick and unannounced stop from our leader. Finally me with Thunder galloping along side me - occasionally him going one way around a pole and me going the other until he learnt that meant his lead got a big pull. The sun was shining

We arrived triumphant at the park and the dogs and boys played. Then we turned around and rode home again.

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