Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Alfred and I

Are at home together this afternoon. We are both feeling pretty rotten. He is sick and I have had no sleep. I have a complaining baby on my hip and I feel pretty much the same. I could just cry -infact I already have today.

I have chicken stock on the stove for some warming and heartening chicken risotto -yum- tonight.

Thomas went off to school camp today for the first time in his whole life I won't see/speak to him for a whole day. He will be back on Friday afternoon - no doubt full of camp fun and with a bag full of wet and filthy clothes. I am hoping he has a completely fabulous time.

I was a bit worried he might wet the bed - not something he has done for ages, but he has been known to in times of stress - so I carefully packed two sleeping bags. One at the bottom of his bag so noone need ever know. With instructions just to shove the other back in the bag if there was a problem and we would sort out it when he got home and not to worry about it.

Two minutes into our arrival at school he had announced to all and sundry that he had two sleeping bags!

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