Friday, June 13, 2008

sunshine and rain

How good was it to pull out the scooter this morning and walk (me) and scoot (him) to work and school. Especially good after these last two weeks of rain – which have left my garden green and over grown, my tanks full and my drier in need of a bex and a good lie down.

I really love our walks to school. Thomas just does not stop talking. Today’s topics were ‘school camp’ sleeping arrangements – as in will his new friend Jimmy and he who chose each other to be their bunk mates actually end up being bunk mates. Thomas is concerned because Alex who has been Jimmy’s friend for sometime has been away the last six weeks or so and Thomas and Jimmy have found each other in the breach. Alex – who Thomas does get on with too – is due back next week, so I think Thomas is feeling a bit nervous he might get cast out.

We have met up with Jimmy’s mum and she seems very nice. His Dad just lives around the corner. Alex parents seem nice as well. These are friendships I am happy to encourage so I am hoping we will find that the three will be mates together…

The other topic of conversations was to do with Pok@mon a topic that Thomas can wax lyrical about for hours and days at a time about. Regardless of my ability – or rather lack of it – to contribute.

I always arrive at my desk and computer based job feeling much better for a walk to school and work. Albeit with a scooter and helmet in toe (sometimes I do jump on it).

The weekend ahead is full of family. We are celebrating my Dad’s 65th this weekend. Not usually a massive date I know – but his 60th and that of my Mum was overshadowed by the fires and rebuilding. This birthday is sure to be a bit emotional too, as Dad (my lovely Dad) has just found out he has a tumour in his bowel which needs operating on. His biopsy was clear but the doctor did not like the look of it so ofcourse we are all a bit worried. Thou I remain hopeful that will all be okay.

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