Monday, July 07, 2008

Growing and going

This weekend we moved the boys rooms around (again!). When we first moved in Thomas was given the choice of either of the two children’s bedrooms he chose the one at the end of the house. Originally we had hoped to renovate the house in such a way that we would end up in this room but the Council wouldn’t let us expand it so it became a choice for one of the boys. In my opinion it is the nicest room in the house, sunny and light. Al once he arrived slept in with us.

When Al moved out of our room at about eight months into the bedroom next to ours Thomas was very keen ‘brothers sleep together Mum!’ to sleep in with him so there was a bed shift about and the sunny light room became a study/spare-room/playroom in theory. In actuality it became the place we stored washing and cleaned up before we had guests.

Thomas really liked sleeping with Al (and I think sleeping at the same end of the house as us, this is Sydney so the other end is only about 10 mtrs away but still this is much further than he has slept away from us in his life) but it meant that Gaye (and I but not as often) was jumping out of bed on school nights to resettle Al as quickly as possible so as not to disturb Thomas. Thomas is a heavy sleeper, but when he did wake up he would migrate into our (thank goodness) king size bed, while Gaye or I tried to settle the baby. So then once the baby was resettled there were three in the bed…

Not really sustainable…but both of us really loved that they loved being in together and so we put it off, until last Thursday night when it all became too much for us and we moved Al’s cot into the sunny light room.

So this weekend was spent turning the boys rooms into ‘tween’ and ‘baby’ places.

Thomas’ room has lava lamps, a couch that turns into a bed for sleepovers and makes a great place to read and play, a desk for drawing and there is a request in for a rug…

Al’s room has trains and mobiles and is a completely toddler friendly place that he can play safely in a couch for stories and a lovely window view for those day time moments in the cot.

And although I can’t report that it has had much impact on Al’s sleeping we both feel pretty happy about the rooms as do the boys (well Al shows no ill effects and Thomas has expressed pleasure).

And in my ongoing recording of language development here are some of the funnier things Thomas said this weekend…

“Woo hoo it is Battle of the Chores (Choirs) tonight”

“Gaye if you were as fat as someone on the biggest loser would you choose to get fit or just die?”

“Mum if you could rub this hardly (opposite of softly) I am sure I could get the pen off”

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