Thursday, July 03, 2008

Ups and Downs

Gaye just rang and said that Al took his first two steps. How gorgeous is that…how sad am I to be sitting behind a desk rather than at home watching that. It is especially good since he has had a dose of a tummy bug after his asthma scare which found us back in hospital and him about half a kilo lighter. He took two steps and then took a face plant, so was sobbing in the background when she rang.

I did leave work for lunch today to go and watch Thomas in the Althletics Carnival for half an hour. I saw the long jump. He did pretty well, thou I don’t think we will see ourselves at the Olympic stadium watching him anytime soon. It is the last day of term for him today which is probably a good think as he is clearly exhausted. He got into a scrape at school yesterday and was punched in the nose. He didn’t respond in the same vein – thank goodness – but sigh, this part of parenting is hard work.

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