Friday, August 29, 2008

four for fathers

This week I bought four – that is right four - Father’s Day cards.

I wonder if I am the only member of a two-mother household holding up the father’s day card economy in this way. I mean we would be expected to be awash with mother’s day cards…but father’s day?

In this life of mine as a two-mother household I have moments where I feel particularly not straight and part of the general population and most of the time where I fit right in. I couldn’t work out exactly what this moment was. When I bought the cards the woman at the checkout said ‘gosh how many Dad’s do you have?’ I didn't even know how to answer.

Oh, okay I will tell you who they are for; I know you are dying to know:
  • One is for Thomas’ Dad from Thomas
  • One is for Thomas’ Dad from me (we always write a note thanking each other for fabulous parenting of young Thomas and wishing each other the best for the day. He usually brings me flowers too. I get him a gift. This year I am having the videos of Thomas growing up put on DVD for him. Rather nicely I think, although he is not Al’s Dad, he has addressed his card/flowers to both Gaye and I since his arrival)
  • One is for my Dad – which is usually written these days by Thomas and acknowledges his roles as 'Dad' and 'Papa'.
  • One is for Gaye’s Dad also to be written by Thomas this year acknowledging his roles as 'Dad' and 'Grandad' (and 'step-Grandad' for that matter). Gaye says he is going to drop over with shock as she hasn’t done this for many years but since Al’s donor is not around for cards and presents we thought it would be a good habit to start now for those school years ahead where gifts and cards will be made by small chubby hands in the week leading up to Father's Day. Al can make his for Grandad or Papa as he chooses.
And yes I did by individual ones and resisted the temptation to buy four the same...I have standards.


elissa said...

Yeah, and two are going to the same guy, who might get suspicious!

Clare said...

I feel a bit bad for Thomas thou - he has to write two out of three!

Suze said...

When my son's first Father's Day at school was coming up, I told him he could get something for his uncle or godfather, but he insisted on buying gifts for his tow mothers instead. He still does that every year, kind of like a Parents Day.