Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Lightning and Al

Al and Lightning are the very best of friends.

We think that this is partly because they are about the same developmental age. They both like to post things, they both like to chew things.

I am not really a pet person. But it has to be said that Al and Lightning are very cute together.

Al likes to throw things for Lightning.
Lightning likes to bring them back.
They both like to do this over and over and over and over.

Lightning is at just the right height for a small boy to hold on to as he walks.
Al is at just the right height to be jumped over.

They both like to throw themselves onto the cushions in the lounge and think it is fun to roll off and do it again.

Lightning likes to bark at people walking past.
Al likes to go to the door to see what he is barking at.

When Al gets in trouble he sometimes throws himself on Lightning who puts a paw on him as if for comfort.

When Al crawls off down the hall if Lightning thinks he has got to far from us he will 'round him up.'

Lightning is very gentle with Al and we are trying to teach Al to be gentle with Lightning.

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Lo said...

so cute!!!