Tuesday, August 05, 2008

run fun

This week was the fun run at school. Thomas has been most interested in the raising of money and - a bit hilariously - entered into serious training... the night before.

The kids were encouraged to dress up in 'teams' there were angels, superheroes, kids in P.Js and one group of Greek goddesses (truly).

Thomas' team decided to dress up as famous Australian sports people and after his initial interest in being 'Cathy Freeman in that running suit' was nipped in the bud by this non-sewing skilled mother he decided to be Patrick Johnson. We spent sometime on Patrick's website and he made up his t-shirt with '@sics' as his sponsors and 'the Fr@d Hollows Found@tion' written on the sleeve (Patrick is a patron it seems).

He was pretty pleased with himself. Thou he did think that perhaps we should paint his face black (a little too un-P.C for the inner west of Sydney!)

Even more impressive was his running effort. Each lap was 500 mtrs and the children (grade 3 - 6) were encouraged to run 20 laps. Thomas finished his 20 with time to spare so he ran another 9 laps. Yup 9 years old and almost 15kms. He went on that afternoon to play soccer in the school team and the next morning in his outside school team.

He has raised over $120.00 for his school.


elissa said...

Next stop Beijing?

Anonymous said...

crikey! that's a long way to run!

Lo said...

Wow, he's big!!

Clare said...

Big he is! He is nine years old and wearing size 12 - 14 pretty much all the time. he is skinny and very tall. It is a curse and a blessing... He is lovely!