Thursday, July 31, 2008


We have been celebrating:

It was Gaye’s birthday on Friday, and unlike the huge todo we had for her 40th last year, this year involved the presenting of a present that she picked (much to Thomas’ horror) and an afternoon tea with just the four of us after school.

That night thou my sister came and babysat and Gaye and I went out to dinner at a local place and chatted (mainly about the boys of course) which is something we haven’t done in an age. Afterwards we wandered to our favourite local bookshop and bought a book each to read. Gorgeous.

On Saturday Gaye, Al and I (Thomas was playing soccer) headed off to Burrawang to celebrate a friend of Gaye’s 40th birthday. It was a fairly low key event and there were a multitude of kids under 5 there. It was pleasant and I always find it good to get out of Sydney for a bit.

This is a very good friend of Gaye’s who she has known since she was in her early 20s. I always find it slightly amusing that although they are very very nice to me this set of friends treat me like the ‘new girl’ even more than six years in. The ‘old girl’ (or perhaps in their minds the real girl?) was also there as her friendship with them also dates back decades (Gaye and she met each other through this friend). She is a nice woman and I always enjoy having a chat to her. But I also feel like we are both being watched very closely.

The last week has seen a real improvement in Dad. A real reason to celebrate. His infection seems to be clearing and his state of mind (perhaps the most reassuring) seems so much more positive and forward thinking. He and Mum have decided that it is not worth the improvement in the odds (about 4%) to undertake the torrid path that is chemo. So we are just doing the wishing and praying and hoping thing for the next … oh …five years or so that nothing turns up in the regular checks.

Today there is another celebration as Gaye has officially completed her Masters. Should she be the sort of person to go to the ceremony today would be the day. She isn’t doing that. But even so it feels significant today. Particularly as she managed to complete the thing with a ‘D’ average including HDs for her last subjects. Pretty bloody impressive while working, building a business and raising two boys me thinks!

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