Thursday, February 01, 2007

I haven’t blogged for awhile – I don’t know why – it isn’t like nothing is happening it all is...

Baby making
Gaye has only 11 weeks to go. Which seems amazing, it starts out feeling like nine months will stretch forever and then suddenly you are on the down ward run. She looks fabulous and all baby (she has such a classic pregnant tear drop belly). We are excited and starting to believe it just might be true.

Having lots of dilemmas about birthing partners or not and generally enjoying the last part of the ride.

Has started back at school this week. He is taking being the top of the school very very seriously, and was concerned to invite even the boy who didn’t invite him to his party last year to Thomas’ this year – because ‘I don’t want him to feel like I did.’ He is looking forward to being a sports monitor and so far likes his teacher thou nothing is in stone as yet.

Thomas and I went to the coast for a week (with Gaye, my sister and sister in law joining us on the weekend) camping during the last part of the holidays with my parents, brother and his children. The kids rode bikes, swam, played in tents, got filthy and generally had a fabulous time and there were plenty of opportunities for the adults to engage in like activities or read a book too. Thomas went from there for another week at the coast with his Granny, which involved fishing, boating and playing quite a lot of cricket.

When I came home I dropped into the house to see how it was all going and there was basically nothing there, the walls, ceilings and outside cladding were all gone. Although in theory I knew this would be the case – I was still stunned to see the actual thing. It seemed like our moving date of the 17 March was an impossibility and our budget was probably blown!

Today however it all looks much better, the walls are rejibed, the outside cladding to go up this weekend along with the plastering and so it feels like it all might actually come together.

Is beautiful and cute and running our life basically. If only he would take me seriously when I tell him that pooing is an outside activity!


dolomoto said...

Clare, please keep up the blog! I stumbled across it just now and read most of your posts since the beginning. I reckon one person's minutiae is another person's interesting novel...but in this case your life is more interesting that just about every other person I know. Thanks for sharing.

Holly said...

we were wondering where you've been!

only 11 weeks to go! wow!

Thomas sounds like such a thoughtful little boy, I hope we can instill that in our little guy!