Friday, August 18, 2006

12 things from this moment that I don't want to forget about Thomas

  1. After a slow start he is really getting the hang of reading and enjoying it we are off at his request to by a ‘long’ book for him to read this afternoon.
  2. He still loves to play for extended periods in the bath, with a high pitched voice playing out his characters which are largely made up of about 20 rubber turtles and dinosaurs of different sizes.
  3. He still occasionally uses the term ‘elso’ his own combination word of also and else.
  4. He thinks that we all live to 100 and often tells me how many years to go.
  5. on the same vein that means that Gaye will die first, me second and him third
  6. He told me this morning that girls only have until they are 45 until they can’t have babies so I have 8 more years.
  7. We still count (and celebrate) the number of nights in a row without wetting the bed.
  8. He is loving art classes after school and the ones he is having in class with last year’s teacher Miss Emma. This morning she told me she loves his art because it is expressive and vibrant..
  9. He has lost or misplaced about 8 hats in the last two years at school
  10. He continues to be obsessed about playing soccer but is really looking forward to his circus classes.
  11. Although he can talk all day and night he is pretty cagey most of the time on the phone.
  12. In a couple of months we are taking a holiday for two weeks to Western Australia. None of us have been before and we have hired a campervan to travel from Perth up the coast. He likes the idea of the dolphins and the camping but mostly he loves that he will be sitting in the front seat between us.

Monday, August 14, 2006

It is completely amazing

that after 12 attempts at this Gaye finds herself finally pregnant. I feel overwhelmed and stunned and well amazed. Mostly I just feel glad that she has got this far and kept on keeping on and that it seems it is infact possible that Thomas and I are going to be lucky enough to share this with her.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

It's unbelievable

Well after torturing poor Clare with my testing antics, I did finally take myself off for a bloodtest at lunchtime Friday. She was pretty cranky with me... and in retrospect I understand that.

Anyway we sniped our way through Friday night... still no period... Saturday morning.... then we made the call to the clinic... no answer. "For fuck's sake, answer the 'phone" was my most rational thought.

We were away for the weekend and decided to head into town for a look around. You know how it is when you don't mention something but neither of you can stop thinking about it? That was our next hour... along with the obligatory sniping remark.

Then we called the clinic again.

Val said the results were good. I cried. A lot. Clare talked to her to get the details. All good.

I'm pregnant... we can't believe it...

The next stage is the 6 and 1/2 week scan... we will know then if it's one or two.

Clare says... if it's two she's putting me out on the street.

Friday, August 11, 2006

TTC update

She rang the clinic and they have sent her up the road to get a blood test so we will know tommorrow

Challenge pass the parcel

Thomas is down the snow this week... he is learning to ski. This is his second ski trip to the snow (he and I did a snow ball type trip a couple of years ago) last year he didn't really want to go into ski school (so he wasn't made to) and he wasn't that keen this year either. But we talked it up heaps and in a stroke of brillance on my part (!) changed our language about it and called it ski training (like soccer training) and yesterday on arrival he was so keen to go skiing that he got booked into an extra class. Which he moved up a grade from at the end of (he is a sporty type of kid, it doesn't get that from me!)

He sounded so happy on the phone telling me all about how to go up hills and how to stop and something about a very fast V. It was lovely. I miss him desperately when he is away, but I am trying to get past the sense of enduring it and instead enjoy it for what it is worth. It is much easier when he sounds happy and content.

It is a long drive to the snow (about 6 hours) which they broke up by stopping at a grandparents house on the way down there. So I invented a game for him. It is called challenge pass the parcel. Basically, I bought him a story CD (fabulous travel thing) and wrapped it in layers of paper and in-between each layer was a challenge. I did a word find with all sorts of snow words in one layer, unscramble words in another, snow sums in another. Apparently he loved it. I can tell I will be making a bulk kit before we go on our campervan holiday in October.

There is another one waiting for his trip home on Sunday....

Two and half week wait???

Today is the day Gaye was meant to have her blood test. ‘Cept yesterday morning she decided she had her period. She had like one spot of blood and decided it had come (if often starts like that and then comes in full force the next day). She had bought a pregnancy test the day before (even thou the clinic had said that you could get false + ) and decided that if the test was negative she wouldn’t bother going to the clinic.

So this morning she did the test – it was negative for during the required timeframe but then when we walked back out from the bedroom half an hour later that pesky second line was actually there.

But by that time it was too late to go to the clinic before work and we are going away for the weekend and her period still isn’t here. Between IVF and IUI this is Gaye’s 12th go at this whole conceiving thing and I understand her process.

But … now she has managed to extend our two-week wait by three days!