Thursday, May 06, 2010

Al is 3

We had Al's third birthday this weekend just gone. It was lovely - just a few friends and six or so of their kids. And another year of Thomas the Tank Engine. We had planned to have another theme this year but AL was insistent and as my friend Leanne said 'its not like he'll want it when he is 15'

We had a few party games which he totally enjoyed and he loved the singing and candle blowing. It was laid back and sunny and basically a very nice event.

It was however late. We had to postpone because Al got norovirus and shared it around the family just after his real birthday in April. We are still recovering really as we have moved through weeks and weeks of revolving family illness, she has it, he has it, he has it, she has it again, oh lets try that again shall we. Gaye currently has pnemonia, Thomas a temp and Al a cold. I'm the last one standing.

Must be time to organise a holiday...