Wednesday, July 18, 2007

I haven't written for awhile. We have been on holidays. We drove north towards the sun (well sunnier) weather and had a fabulous ten days in Gaye's parents grey-nomad van. Fully equipped with plasma tv, dvd, fridge, oven and microwave it was a lovely break away from the every day. There isn't much to report from the holiday - we walked, swam, drank coffee, watched dvd's, had a ride on a ferry, played outdoor checkers. But it was a lovely time all the same.

I am two days back at work and missing both boys alot. Thomas is back at school yesterday and we are counting the sleeps until our Harry Potter Wizards Express weekend (three sleeps now).

Al is growing fast and doing all the things you would want him to do - chatting away to us at every opportunity. He is completely engaged with both Thomas and I now - recognising our voices and faces and wanting our attention. Yesterday we lay in bed in the morning - all four of us - bemoaning the end of our holiday and the cold weather we have returned to. Al and Thomas were in the middle of Gaye and I and Al was 'talking' ten to the dozen. When Thomas turned away from him Al would reach out and pat Thomas back at the same time making very loud attention seeking sounds. Much giggling and repeating followed.

Thomas and I went into town on Monday to buy new thermals and the like for his ski trip in two weeks with his Dad. (Well, that was the cover story - we did do that but we also bought Gaye's birthday present). Thomas looked so big walking along with me - chatting away about all sorts of potential disasters (what would you do if I fell on to the train tracks? what should I do if I see a robber? etc etc). He is caught between being a pre-teen and a little boy still. Declaring the stripey thermals dorky (choosing basic black - what can I say he is an inner city boy) but at the same time saying 'tooken' instead of 'taken', 'remember me Mum" instead of 'remind me Mum' and 'fastly' instead of 'quickly' and skipping at the sight of his favourite and promised fast-food lunch. And while I love and am so proud of him as he seeks independence - I adore these little boy moments.