Sunday, September 28, 2008

spring in the garden

Suddenly I turned around this week and spring has sprung. Even my chili bushes which I thought really and truly I had killed are filled with new life and leaves. Thomas, Al and I spent Sunday morning re-planting and watering and weeding. Most satisfactory. Expect tomatoes, basil, cucumber, strawberries, oh, and chili from our place very very soon.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A few fastories from this week

Thomas asked us some questions about what is was called when you said a prayer around the table before dinner. He told a story being with his Dad at the snow and doing that. (Clearly not a feature of our home!) Gaye and I launched into an explanation of 'grace' both able to fall back into our childhoods and chant grace at a moments notice. He kept telling us they weren't 'quite the right words' so we tried out a few we knew. Thomas' Dad is not a religious person and I know the people he was staying with very well and so I was a bit surprised to hear they were saying grace. Half way through the conversation I realised he was talking about the people he stayed with on the way to the snow who are also very good friends of my sister. This seemed even more unexpected. I questioned him about it 'are you sure?' at Kat and Matts? Yep he was sure. (Kat and Matt are pretty crunchy and live a very green-friendly existence he had already had my sister and I in stitches telling us that he realised he was very very 'ritch' after being at their home which is not heated very much and generally set up with lots of pre-loved stuff). After two days I was talking to my sister and mentioned the grace story. She almost wet herself laughing. Turns out they hold hands and thank mother earth for the provision of food...

Gaye and Al have been up in QLD for the week looking after a very good friend who is going through chemo. She sent me some flowers this week and they came with chocolates and a candle. On arriving home to the most lovely bunch of flowers on our doorstep Thomas exclaimed 'Look Mumma these chocolates must be for me Gaye wouldn't send you are present without sending me one"

Thomas spent father's day with his Dad which left me alone for the weekend. I decided to spend it with my best friends in Melbourne so for about 24 hours my family was spread across three states. I spent the weekend eating and drinking and laughing in the way one only can when you are with your best friends. They only moved there at the beginning of the year and I miss them all the time.