Thursday, January 28, 2010

A new year, two new schools, a new blogging start

It has been awhile since I have blogged. There are lots of half formed blogs in my drafts list to remind me of things I want to write about so it is not because I don't want to blog it is more that last year was busy, especially with work and so I didn't find the time.

But when I read over my old stuff I am reminded of things that I had forgotten about and my boys are growing so fast (don't they always) that I have decided to try and start again just as much so that I remember these times better.

This morning our biggest boy (Thomas) has started school at his new school. We have made a big move - for us - and shifted him in grade 5 to a private school. This is hard for me as I am a fan of public education - but honestly it just wasn't making it with him or us and so after an offer of a place at new school we took it up.

So far I am pretty thrilled with new school. The staff are responsive to email and calls, the information is timely, the vibe is friendly and accepting and they have taken our not so traditional family group completely in their stride.

I have been worried for Thomas that he might be nervous but I have to say he seems pretty fine. In fact he wishes we would all stop asking him if he was nervous.

Grade 5 is big ofcourse and so I was instructed to drop him off at the door - 'don't come in MUM! and don't give me a kiss please!!!'

I think I will spend much more of today thinking of him than he will of me!