Sunday, March 08, 2009

when to think 3

There are about 14 other posts, half written with good thoughts but not complete that fill up the time from then and before then until now. That mark the milestones of Al's and Thomas fabulousness, growth and the laughter that keeps me going. One day i will put them up. One day I will finish my photo albums. Since then and now both Gaye and I have both had promotions,done some house rennovations and spent lots of time sitting on the floor with our youngest making towers from maisy blocks and playing bowls with our oldest on his brand new Wii. Since then and now Thomas has turned 10, started grade 4, finished a season of nippers, grown another foot it seems and learnt how to make a damn good cup of tea. Since then and now Al has learnt to walk backwards, dance holding his own hands in front of him in what we like to call 'bloke' dancing, learnt absolutely no more words, had no more asthma, taught us to all clap our hands and 'ooohhh' at the sight of a fire engine, bus or any other emergency or truck-like thing on wheels, he is now only weeks from turning two. Since then and now Gaye and I have resolved the baby issue, making decisions about the the embryos that are on ice (boarding school as I like to call it) and who goes next. Although we came from very different places we have done this really well I think, without any drama or tension, with open hearts and minds.

And so ... here we go again