Thursday, March 15, 2007

last night

It is the last night in our old house tonight. This is significant for me because when I bought that house after my previous relationship broke down it was a huge step forward in accepting a new future. When Gaye moved in with Thomas and I it became our house and it is the place where we have carved out our family. Thomas had his first day of school from that house, Gaye has done most of her pregnancy in that house, we have had birthday’s Christmas’, weekend breakfasts, friends for dinner, parties, sick days and all sorts of everyday at that house. It has been my safety net and although I am really excited about the move, both Thomas and I are feeling the move away from the street and friends we have made and the place that was ours together.

It is kind of run down now (it was bought as a do-it-upper), and my sister, Aunty Lou is moving in and we are going to fix it up together.

Our new house is looking good – thou there is lots still to do (which includes my brother coming up to build the deck on the day that Gaye is due, bringing with him my niece and nephew who will be in on school holidays as will Thomas, and a bathroom vanity which turned up yesterday 20cm too wide and so unable to fit in the spot and about 100 other things) but it is looking good, there is more space and we can settle in with Thomas before the baby comes. We can get ready for this baby, who now finally seems really likely!

Tonight we are having friends for pizza among the boxes and tomorrow we move – hopefully taking our old friends with us and being open to all that is to come.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Not to worry

I have just driven the (very nice) plumber who was installing our loo to the emergency room. He has cut his hand quite badly.

This hasn’t even thrown me a bit despite or perhaps because today also includes a sick child, no leave/goodwill left at work to comfortably stay home and look after him, the project manager making Gaye cry this morning and that I was rear ended on my way to work.

Gaye’s bleed from a couple of weeks ago turns out to be a tear in the placenta – which we have to ‘be careful’ about. I’m unsure of what that means but we are trying to make sure she gets lots of rest and takes it easy. Olive-on-the-way does not seem to be in any strife, growing at a great pace and sounding very healthy on the monitor.

She is getting pretty big now and very tired. And it has been incredibly hot and humid here when it hasn’t been thundering, so her feet and hands are very swollen and sore. Her blood pressure is good thou and I think she looks just beautiful, but she is very fragile and teary. This is not at all like her and so she is home in bed with Thomas this afternoon watching dvd’s.

Did I mention that Gaye’s brother and father have spent the weekend painting at our place (her brother does it for a living) which they kindly offered to do after the project manager admitted that he has in fact spent much much more money than anticipated and so we have none left for painting or deck building (which thankfully my brother does for a living).

We have had to call in all favours from family and bring them from three different states across the country to get the work done. We will now move into a rather less finished house. We have been yelled at and hung-up on by the project manager who used to be our friend. I have taken over all communication with him to keep gaye out of it and so we can get the job over and I went where angels fear to tread this morning and rang his wife and said this can’t go on. She must have talked to him as he is all sweetness this afternoon.

You can understand why on Friday I cried about some dumb issue with the soccer team!

Today however I am taking it in my stride, not even thinking about the fact that I have let down work again, smiling at the bloke who ran into the back of me and saying ‘not to worry’ and running out of a meeting to take the plumber to the ER. There is just so much on that today you couldn’t phase me if you tried