Thursday, March 25, 2010

How do you say toilet?

I dropped Thomas off to school camp yesterday morning. It is three days long and they don't get to speak anything but Italian. He couldn't believe that the teachers wouldn't speak English to him for the whole trip. Neither could I but for slightly different reasons. He has spent the whole week practicing things like where is the toilet? coming up with strategies to manage any possible social gaffs and working out who he wants to have in his cabin.

They don't let parents go on camp anymore. When I was teaching (and when I was a kid) the parent helper was an important part of camp management. Now it seems it is all about having some time away from us (perhaps we are all a bit helicopterish). I think it is a shame really cause I loved it when my folks came on camp and I was kinda looking forward to doing that. Thomas however seem completely unconcerned about having time away from us.

He wasn't at all keen about me coming into the hall to drop him off - all the other parents were! And was told very firmly and clearly NOT to kiss him goodbye in front of his friends. Sigh... shoulder rub and have a good time darling was all I was left with.

I am thinking of him alot - I am sure I haven't even crossed his mind!

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