Monday, March 15, 2010

Really honestly I want to live on a commune

Well sort of a commune.   I was born in the sixties but I want the 2010 version.

I want to live in close radius (my idea is four or six houses in two rows that back into each other so we can take down the fences and have a huge backyard) in the middle of Sydney with friends and family who are all raising children.  I want our kids to go to schools nearby to each other so we can share the drop-offs and pick ups, I want to share a couple of cars, a lawn mower and set up a grocery  run roster.  I want to take it in turns to go out to the markets and buy our vegies for the whole group.  I want to share dropping of dry cleaning and letting in the tradies.  I want to share after-school care and the occasional I’ll feed and bath your kids cause you need to work late or are studying tonight.   

I want to have our own houses for each family so we can have our own space and setting and things.  I want us to be able to pay our own bills so each can spend on what is important to them.  But I want to do that in close proximity to other people I love and trust with my children.

I want a huge back yard for my kids to play in and for me to know that there is a community of people with their eyes on them.  I want to share the occasional dinner along a long table set up outside in that backyard where we would each bring plates of food to share and celebrate significant occasions in this way as well.

Every week at somepoint I have a conversation with a friend about the juggle and the busy and the stuff that needs to be done and the time spent doing things that we are all doing.

And every time I think I want to live in a commune.

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