Monday, March 08, 2010

weekends away

We really love a weekend away in my family. Whenever we have one I declare we have to have them more often (I also make this declaration after every holiday) but the reality is we are lucky to get away every 6 - 8 weeks.

Gaye has been away ALOT this year for work and to be with Carol and so we haven't been away at all this year until now.

This time Thomas, Al and I travelled by (two) trains and plane (and a walk through the pouring rain to get to the station) to meet Gaye who was in Brisbane for work. The boys were gorgeous together. Thomas downloading a popular little kids tv show on his new i*pod for Al to watch. Al would only watch if Thomas did to, they sat on the train, Al's hand on Thomas knee - honestly I thought my heart would break.

We had a truly lovely time in Brissie (do only non QLD'ers call it that?). We caught up with Carol's family on Saturday and then spent the best part of the rest of the weekend at Southbank streets beach.

A perfect spot for the just 11 year old and almost 3 year old (and you can't say that about many places) with decent coffee to boot for the mummas.

We slept and ate and hung out and caught the plane and two trains back home. Thomas made more trips to the buffet than you can count at the Q club out on the way home. Al watching intently for the seatbelt light to go off on landing.

The boys - weekend away bonded - bathed together last night. Thomas calling out 'we need tea cups Gaye!!!' from the bath while Gaye and I had a red together.


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